Junk Removal in West Jordan

When you’re looking for the perfect junk company to tackle your West Jordan junk removal, just call Mint Junk Removal! Our professional local team will load up your junk items and haul them away for good!

Premier Local Junk Company

Located in Salt Lake County, West Jordan is the third most populous city in Utah! Given this fact, it’s unsurprising to find there’s plenty to do in the area. There are hundreds of acres worth of parks and trails, including splash pads! After having your fill of the great outdoors, though, going home to a cluttered room or two can definitely put a damper on your mood. Fortunately, when you call Mint Junk Removal, you’ll get a full-service team that will get rid of your residential or commercial junk in a matter of hours!

Why Us?

Choosing Mint Junk Removal means you’ll be getting top-quality junk removal services in West Jordan. Here are just a few of the factors that put us a cut above our competitors:

  • Easy Booking. With Mint Junk Removal, the booking process is simple. You can give us a call at (385) 336-6468 to schedule an appointment, or you can easily book online!
  • Time Management. Mint Junk Removal runs like a well-oiled machine. We make sure appointments run according to plan so we’re never behind schedule.
  • Detail-Oriented. By paying strict attention, we ensure every part of the junk removal process is on-point. This means accurate cost estimates and also guarantees items never get left behind.
  • Proper Disposal. We make sure your junk items always end up in the right place. Mint Junk Removal pays careful attention to West Jordan waste disposal standards to make sure everything gets where it needs to go.

Our Process

  1. To get your West Jordan junk removal started, call Mint Junk Removal! We’re available Monday through Saturday to get you a service quote and put your appointment on the schedule. This is the stage to ask us all your questions!
  2. At the time of your booking, our team will be punctual! We’ll look over the junk in person and give you a firm, final quote for service. Just give us the okay and we’ll get right to work!
  3. Feel free to put your feet up while the Mint Junk Removal crew lifts and loads all those junk items into our truck. We’ve got the tool and experience to move even the most cumbersome items with ease!
  4. Finally, after loading is completed, we’ll settle the bill with you. Let us know what your preferred payment method is and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! After that, we’ll haul all your junk away to be disposed of for good.

Unwanted Furniture Removal in West Jordan

Finding the right combination of furniture for your home or business can take weeks, maybe even months! There’s so much to consider, from color to materials to dimensions. Coordinating any space with the proper decor can be a lot of fun, and the finished product instills pride! Unfortunately, like anything else, furniture is subject to wear and tear over time, and eventually even the best pieces will need to be replaced. Whether you’re a homeowner revamping your living room or a business that needs to spruce up its waiting room, getting rid of old furniture can be a huge ordeal without the proper hauling equipment.

About Us

Based out of Draper, UT, Mint Junk Removal is a local junk removal and demolition company currently serving the Salt Lake and Utah county areas. We offer multiple different services, ensuring that no matter what junk situation you find yourself in, we’ll have a solution tailored to you! Scheduling an appointment is always quick and easy with us. With business hours six days a week, we can often book your appointment as soon as the same or next day. If you’re in need of prompt, high-quality junk removal services in West Jordan and beyond, call Mint Junk Removal!