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Are you the owner of a shed long-past its expiration date? Want that old thing gone and fast? Call Mint Junk Removal for a quick and painless shed demolition appointment!

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Shed Dismantling in the Salt Lake Area

If you’ve ever been a gardener, a handyman, or just a person with no other place to store things like your lawnmower, then you’d know how handy it is to have a shed around. Sheds are like little homes for all your tools and appliances, comfortably situated away from your living space—but just close enough to wherever work needs to be done. They can be rickety, humid, and a heck of a lot of effort to maintain, but at the end of the day, sheds are our friends. Sadly, like all things, sheds do not last forever. When the time comes to remove them, letting go of a nasty, potentially-hazardous structure is easier said than done. Shed demolition is a job best done by a professional team; and what better team could there be for such a job than Mint Junk Removal, the Salt Lake area’s finest hauling crew?

Why Us for Shed Dismantling?

When you order a shed teardown or any other demolition service from Mint Junk Removal, you’re ordering service that is not only faster than other crew around, but more efficient, too. Our crews, locally hired from the great cities of Utah, consist of professional junk haulers each with years of junk removal experience under their belts. These guys aren’t amateurs; they’re the best of the best, and they’ll prove it to you—should you give them a chance.

So, we’re fast and we get the job done right, but that’s not all. Mint Junk Removal also prides itself on our many consumer-friendly policies designed to afford every luxury for our clients. This includes, but is not limited to: flexible scheduling; affordable, volume-based rates; and of course, our commitment to your satisfaction above all else. We understand that being chosen as your preferred junk hauling team is no small honor, and so we do everything in our power to make the experience of working with us as comfortable as possible. You won’t get service like this anywhere else in Utah—guaranteed!

Our Process

  1. Before we can get down to business, initial contact must be made; simply call us at (385) 336-6468 or book using our website to schedule an appointment. Once you’ve got ahold of us, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure your old shed removal comes at a time that is convenient for you.
  2. On the day of the appointment, we’ll shoot you a courtesy call when we’re on our way to your property. Expect us to arrive, say, 2 hours or less after that call goes out.
  3. Once you’ve shown us the shed to-be-demolished, we’ll give you a free estimate. Omce you accept it, we’ll take care of that old shed for you!
  4. When the demolition is complete, we’ll scoop up the debris and load it into our trucks. After that, all that remains is for you to pay. We’ll then head out to recycle and dispose of the old materials.

About Us

Mint Junk Removal is the Salt Lake area’s finest hauling team, and that’s because we go the extra mile to make sure you get your money’s worth for our services. We’re not like those franchise junk haulers out to fleece your pockets for a sub-par cleaning job; we’re kind, considerate, and know how to make a real difference in someone’s life. When you schedule an appointment with Mint Junk Removal, you’re not just getting the highest quality of junk removal possible. You’re also supporting the local businesses of Utah and ensuring that we get to keep doing what we love for as long as we can.

Because at Mint Junk Removal—whether we’re doing shed demolition or run-of-the-mill junk removal—the most important member is you.


At Mint Junk Removal, we believe that our customers should have easy access to the professional junk removal services they need when they need them! That’s why we are open every day but Sunday to clean up your junk. Contact us now, and it won’t be long before our truck pulls into your driveway!

There are two different ways to schedule service. You can either contact us online or give us a phone call. Just use the buttons below to get started.


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