Yard Waste Removal in Salt Lake County

If you need to haul away tree branches or yard clippings, the task can seem daunting at first. However, if you call the professionals at Mint Junk Removal, the job suddenly becomes a breeze! Let our team handle your yard waste removal services!

We Haul Leaves, Branches, and More

Yard waste comes in many forms. Downed tree limbs, stray leaves, lawn clipped, even a stray mushroom or two depending on the season! Gathering up all the debris can take precious time out of your week, and that’s only counting the work to be done on your property itself. Extra hours could be added if your trash collection doesn’t accept yard waste, leaving you to search for a waste facility to take it to. If only yard waste removal services were easy to find!

If you’re in the Salt Lake Valley area, Mint Junk Removal has good news for you! Rather than trying to wrangle yard waste on your own, why not hire a fully-staffed team of professionals to do it for you? You’ll be saving time and effort by hiring our team, not to mention our affordable pricing! Contact us today to book your appointment!

Why Us?

If you’re trying to remove tree branches from yard and lawn spaces, let Mint Junk Removal be your guide! Our professional team has plenty of experience with yard waste removal services of all kinds. We can cut up large tree pieces to move them easily, gather and bag leaves, and even collect branches and clippings. All of this gets loaded into our junk removal truck and hauled away for disposal. Not to mention we’re able to accomplish all this in an afternoon or less!

Our speedy service isn’t our only selling point, though. Mint Junk Removal is able to haul off yard waste at the best price in the area, too! We operate using a volume-based pricing system, meaning that the more yard waste you have for us to gather and haul, the more the price will scale accordingly. This way, we’re able to keep our prices both predictable and fair for you, the consumer!

If you’re ready to tidy your lawn without breaking the bank, then give Mint Junk Removal a call!

Our Process

  1. To get the ball rolling on lawn waste removal services, contact Mint Junk Removal! We’re available 6 days a week to answer questions and book your appointment. Just tell us how much yard waste you’re dealing with and we’ll match you with a price estimate!
  2. When it’s time for your appointment, we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know we’re on the way! Once we’ve arrived, we’ll have a look at the yard waste in person so we can give you a final price for service.
  3. Mint Junk Removal gets to work! Feel free to chill out while our team handles all the hard work. Not a leaf will be out of place when we’re done loading everything up!
  4. With loading completed, we’ll settle the bill with you. We know you’ll be happy to see that the price you pay is the same one we quoted when we arrived! After that’s squared away, we’ll haul all that yard waste away for responsible disposal.

Landscape Debris Removal

Everybody loves the look of a beautiful yard. Often this can be achieved simply by upkeeping the plant life you have, but sometimes, that’s not exciting enough and a landscaping overhaul is in order! Choosing new plants, mulch, and even pathways is a great time, especially once your vision has come to fruition! It’s a great accomplishment, but nothing can damper the mood of it quite like dealing with the leftover debris from the project. Who wants to clean up discarded plants, piles of cutting, and leftover mulch or gravel?

When you don’t want to worry about cleanup and simply want to celebrate, give Mint Junk Removal a call! Our yard waste removal service includes debris from landscaping projects, too! All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll gather up all the debris and make sure it’s properly disposed of. It’s that easy!

About Us

Based out of Draper, UT,  Mint Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated junk removal company. Our mission is to bring top-quality junk removal and demolition services to our neighboring areas at the best possible price. Since we’re a local small business, the price you’re paying goes directly to the team you see in front of you. This is great news for everyone involved because cutting out the corporate middleman keeps prices down! From shed demolition to full house cleaners, Mint Junk Removal is the company to call when your property could use some sprucing up. Get started by booking today


At Mint Junk Removal, we believe that our customers should have easy access to the professional junk removal services they need when they need them! That’s why we are open every day but Sunday to clean up your junk. Contact us now, and it won’t be long before our truck pulls into your driveway!

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