Mattress Removal Services

If you’re looking for cheap mattress removal but don’t want to skimp on quality, call up Mint Junk Removal! Our mattress removal services will get the job done right at a price you’ll love!

In Need of Mattress Haul Away Services?

Putting up with a lumpy old mattress is something nobody should have to do. Sometimes, though, we feel we don’t have a choice because mattresses are so hard to get rid of! If you’re dealing with a king- or queen-sized mattress, this is doubly true due to how bulky they are! Odds are the mattress won’t even fit in your vehicle, and regular trash collection might not accept it. If you’re trying to skip the hassle, give Mint Junk Removal’s mattress removal services a try!

Mint Junk Removal will haul your old mattress away, no questions asked! Just give us a call, and we’ll deal with removing the mattress from your home, loading it into our truck, and disposing of it properly. If you’re ready for a simple, affordable mattress haul away service, contact Mint Junk Removal!

Why Us for Mattress Hauling?

Getting rid of your old mattress shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Here are a few of the ways Mint Junk Removal will save you money, time, and stress!

  • Affordability. Our mattress removal cost is based on how much room the mattress in question takes up in our junk hauling truck. Therefore, the larger the mattress, the more we’ll charge you. This method ensures that prices always scale fairly!
  • Speed. Thanks to our operating hours 6 days a week, we can usually haul away your old mattress within 24 hours of you contacting us. Our timeslots come in 2-hours, meaning that once we arrive, we’ll deal with your mattress quickly!
  • Dependability. As a full-service team, we take care of lifting, loading, hauling, and disposal. The only thing we ask from you is that you strip the mattress of linens and bedding before we arrive!

Our Mattress Removal Process

  1. The first step in our mattress removal services is booking an appointment! You can contact us by phone, or use our online booking tool. During this process, let us know what size mattress you’re getting rid of so we can give you a close price estimate.
  2. On the day of your appointment, we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know we’re on the way. Once we’ve arrived, just point us to the mattress so we can look it over in person and confirm your price for service.
  3. After we get your agreement, we’ll carry the mattress out! Our experienced team will be mindful of stairs, doors, and hallways, ensuring nothing gets knocked over as we’re on the way out!
  4. Finally, once we’ve loaded the mattress into our truck, we’ll settle the bill with you. You’ll be pleased to see that the price you pay is the same one we quoted earlier. With Mint Junk Removal, there are never any hidden fees!
  5. Say goodbye to your lumpy old mattress forever! Mint Junk Removal will haul it away and make sure it’s disposed of properly.

Futon Removal in Salt Lake Valley

Despite bedrooms being the first thing people think of when you say “mattress,” the typical set-up might not be the only kind of mattress you have in your home. Despite their flexible shape, futon cushions are also mattresses! While not the first thing that comes to mind for mattress replacement, futon mattresses are prone to becoming lumpy and uncomfortable over time, just like their standard counterparts. If this situation sounds familiar, then you might want to look into futon removal!

Fortunately, Mint Junk Removal has the skills to handle it! Whether you’re getting rid of only the futon mattress or want to say goodbye to the entire set, our expert junk haulers have you covered. Just point us in the right direction and we’ll haul it away. If your futon mattress has become unbearable, let Mint Junk Removal get it out of your hair!

About Us

When you call Mint Junk Removal, you’ll receive top-quality junk removal with a personal touch! Based out of Draper, UT, Mint Junk Removal is a local family-owned business with the drive to serve our community! From the point when you first call us up, our team is dedicated to making sure you have the best junk removal experience possible. We accomplish this by always behaving in a courteous manner all the while making sure your junk removal services run smoothly. Our team will even sweep up at the end to make sure your newly cleared space is usable right away! 

The Mint Junk Removal team always handles every part of the job with care, so why not trust us with all your junk removal needs in the Salt Lake Valley area? Contact us today!


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